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Book a guided meditation in Float

To book NDIS funded Services please contact directly via email: or 0421042528

Please be advised, a 50% booking fee will be charged upon your reservation. The remainder to be paid on the day. Bookings will only be opened 1 month at a time. Bookings for the next month will be opened at the end of the previous month. First in, first served. Reminders will be posted on our facebook page. 
please be sure to make yourself available around our opening days and times if you have a voucher to use. Vouchers have an expiry date of 1 year. no exceptions or extensions on vouchers will be made because you couldn't find the time in the year since you received the voucher, or no times suited you.

Please note: if you are purchasing a gift voucher for someone else they will have to be available around our opening times and days to redeem. no extensions will be made to voucher recipients who can't get in last minute to redeem their voucher. vouchers will not be transferable for cash or credit. all sales are final.
Please note our premises is a child free zone. children are not permitted to wait for you in our reception area. children/guests are not permitted to roam the grounds whilst you complete your session. 
children accessing services under NDIS plans and referrals are an exception to this rule.

Purchase a Gift Voucher

This voucher is valid until the expiry date specified and cannot be redeemed or replaced after this date. The Mindful Soul Room is not responsible for lost / stolen vouchers, and is not responsible for replacing a voucher that has been lost / stolen. This voucher is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. This voucher is not valid with any other offer and / or special at The Mindful Soul Room. This voucher must be used by one person in one visit.
Hard copy vouchers are sold under the pretence that it is to be redeemed in person by txt booking. Lost, stolen, damaged (where it can not be handed in) vouchers will not be replaced or validated. hard copy vouchers are no longer available. if you can not produce your hard copy voucher you will be charged the full rate for the service.