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Float Therapy
(Sensory Deprivation)

What Is Flotation Therapy?

Enter and experience your own private cocoon filled with 600 litres of water and 500kg of epsom salts. The combination creates a solution so buoyant that it is impossible to sink.


What is inside the Pod?

Inside the Pod, air and water is carefully controlled at skin temperature. The boundaries of touch and feel fade as you float atop the solution, losing the sense of where your body ends and the water begins.

Light and sound disappear, gravity is no more. Completely unplugged – your mind, body and soul are able to enter into deep relaxation as you float for an undisturbed hour.

How does the session end?

At the completion of your float session music softly plays letting you know that your time in the pod has come to an end. Gently re-entering the world around you.

What are the benefits?

Float therapy can be a beautiful experience but the range of possible health benefits are even more exciting.

Some of the many benefits you may experience from flotation therapy are:

Pain relief, improved injury-recovery time, assistance with injury rehabilitation, stress relief, profound relaxation, deep meditation, enhanced creativity and focus, mental and physical revitalization, assistance with anxiety or depression and help with addictive behaviors.

Experience the flotation therapy for yourself at The Mindful Soul Room.

Infrared Sauna
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Experience the infrared difference at The Mindful Soul Room.

While a traditional sauna heats the external air around you, an infrared sauna penetrates further into the skin, thereby helps push out sweat and toxins from deeper inside the body and creates healing on a molecular level.

Our Infrared Sauna provides a more comfortable experience that relieves a wider range of health concerns than traditional saunas.

Catering for 1 or 2 people in a session, our infrared sauna is big enough to give you ample space and comfort.

Book to use privately or with your friend or spouse.


Visit our private clinic to experience the benefits of infrared therapy in a private and relaxing environment!

Soothe aches and pains, eliminate toxins and de-stress from everyday life.

Visiting Practitioners

The Mindful Soul Room is lucky to have visiting wellness practitioners from;

  • Massage Therapists

  • Yoga Instructors

  • Women's Circles

  • Personal Beauty Services

  • Meditation Practitioners 


to service our clients relaxation experience. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages to see when our next visiting practitioner will be booking appointments. 

If your are interested in being a visiting practitioner please email


Welcome to The Mindful Soul Room

Pregnancy Safe Floating
Pregnancy Safe Floating

TMSR Float Room
TMSR Float Room


Welcome to The Mindful Soul Room



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